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Our e-Learning courses are based on good science and good fun.

We know that pet ownership is joyful so each information sheet you send is easy to digest along with a biscuit and a cup of coffee and most contain a self-assessment quiz to make sure you have absorbed information you have read.

For example, our Dog Dialogue and Cat Chat e-Learning courses are partly calendar specific. 
  • This means that during the year you will get information relating to the events, weather and pet care challenges that occur over a year's duration.
However, in parallel with that, you will get other bulletins relating to your pet's care.
  • So, new products, new pet health and behaviour challenges and new information produced by Dr Cam and his team will be sent regularly.
A summary of our e-Learning courses
  • Science based information from Dr Cam and his team
  • Some are based on presentations, seminars or lectures Dr Cam gives to professional groups, veterinary students and pet owners
  • Calendar specific information and regular update bulletins are included
  • Regularity depends on the season but are sent at least monthly
  • Choose from several e-Learning course - subscribe to all or none and cancel your subscription if you prefer
  • New courses added regularly
  • Our courses can include
    • Information sheets you can read
    • Podcasts you can listen to
    • Multi-media presentations you can view and learn from
    • Instructional videos
  • Most contain questions for self assessment
  • Some bulletins will contain information extracted from our member's only section
  • Our e-Learning courses are free however you can activate a membership at any time if you need detailed information and full site access
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