For Immediate Release
April 25, 2018

"Moonbeam McSwine" 

Courtesy Aircraft of Rockford, IL & The Warbird Heritage
are delighted to announce the homecoming of Moonbeam McSwine.  WHF has purchased Moonbeam from its most recent owner, Mr. Frederic Akary of France. Courtesy Aircraft Sales assisted all parties with this successful yet complex sale. 

Moonbeam has now arrived in the United States and will be re-assembled at Tab-Air in East Troy, Wisconsin.  This is the same Mustang that the late Vlado Lenoch flew for over 20 years on the United States airshow circuit.  The plan is to have the aircraft flying again soon in commemoration of Vlado's memory.  The new aircraft registration number will be N51VL in honor of him. Look for it in the skies this summer.

Courtesy Aircraft Sales has a long history with this particular Mustang. Courtesy first sold the aircraft to Vlado Lenoch in 1988 and then sold to Fred Akary(France) in 2012, and now to the Warbird Heritage Foundation in 2018. 


Who Was Vlado Lenoch?
The Courtesy Aircraft Staff knew Vlado as a kind man who was friends to all in the aviation industry.  He took the time to answer anyone's questions and he was always willing to help out others.  He was an excellent pilot who ferried many warbird aircraft for Courtesy Aircraft over the years. He began flying when he was only 17, and went on to work for Boeing as an instructor. He later flew Boeing 727s and DC-9s for major airlines. In the most recent years, he was a warbird pilot who was rated to fly everything from P-51s, P-40s, and P-47s to F-86s and T-33s. Vlado was a founding member of the USAF Heritage Flight, which pairs vintage warbirds with modern military aircraft for performances at air shows around the United States.  

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